Slow Dining Asli (アスリ)

0207 005.jpgピリッと辛い伊達鶏唐揚げ丼、野菜サラダ、野菜のクリームシチュー、鶏だしスープ、豆腐プリン、1260円。
Fried chicken don, veggy cream stew(just potato…), chicken soup and tofu pudding(pudding is good).

3 thoughts on “Slow Dining Asli (アスリ)

  1. Yeah ah…ate too much bread for breakfast…my sister went to France and bought a can of foie gras pate and I stole it and brought back to Japan, so I am eating that everyday. ^^;;;;

  2. haha I just went to eat Korean food (soup noodle) for “cleansing” too. it’s so good!

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