TROCADERO (トロカデロ@下北沢)

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2nd floor, quite crowded by 8pm. Almost all customers were foreigners and English/French were flying around.
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3800yen course. Pate and Rillettes.
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Roasted lamb – meat very soft and delicious.
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Chocolate mousse and strawberry ice-cream. Altogether 5000yen.

7 thoughts on “TROCADERO (トロカデロ@下北沢)

  1. The place was just too dark to take any pictures~~~I went with Inoka, and I used my Japanese friend Yuka’s name to reserve the restaurant and when we stepped into the restaurant the French waitor asked if I was “Yuka” and I said yes naturally, but later when he was telling us about today’s menu in Japanese and suddenly he asked “Are you Japanese?”, I hesitated and Inoka just burst out “NO! She is not Japanese! You are not Japanese, right?!” I was sooooooooo embarassed….I didn’t intend to pretend to be Japanese, it was just for convenience in booking a restaurant with a Japanese name but the situation made me look like I was lying or something….^^;;;;

  2. Tha’ts certainly embarassing ^^;;;; Does the French waitor speak Japanese too? Haha this place is like the places here, where the light is always so dim that I have to use flash . I wonder if it’s a westerners’ preference. The place looked authentic~ like a little French restaurant in the little alley. Though it is odd to see French and Union Jack flag so celebrated side by side ^^;;

  3. Ah Shimokitasawa! My favorite place in Tokyo~~~!!! I like the bohemien/causal vibe of the restaurant (which fits the vibe of the Shimokitasawa). The roasted lamb looks sooo good. Haha Inoka is thick like this sometimes…gosh I still can’t get over the story of you guys totally missed each other. ^^;;

  4. Forgot to say, the pate looks sooo good!
    Ah, I really missed Shimokitasawa…wish there’s some place like that here (Silverlake is kinda similar, but a bit too ghetto and too spread out and non-walking friendly).

  5. Yeah the waitor can speak Japanese. But after he discovered I was not Japanese, he spoke in English, and of course me and Inoka spoke English, and all other tables were all foreigners/white people…felt like we really were in Europe or something.

    Oh Joan, since you left, I hardly go to shimokitazawa anymore….in fact no motivation to go anywhere to just walk around when you are actually living here. It is good that you came, I got to know about places like aoyama, daikanyama etc….^^;;;

  6. Hey at least you go to lots places you don’t normally go to for food too, which is a good enough motivation! I like Daikaiyama and Aoyama a lot too, though I couldn’t afford the stuffs there when I was there last time, so may be I enjoy them more now ^^;;;

  7. Yeah, come and visit me in Tokyo sometime~~~but I guess if you had the money and the time you would rather go to Paris….^^;;;; Oh my US visa is still valid, New York or Alaska would be great places to travel too~~~~

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