Miravile (ミラヴィル@駒場)

0301 010.jpg0301 012.jpg
サヨリの燻製。Smoked halfbeak.
0301 017.jpg0301 023.jpg
Radish potage. Pork sparerib in red wine sauce.

0301 027.jpgガトーショコラロワイアル。Gateau chocolate.
ランチコースは2500円。グラスワインは650円。Everything is in the lunch course, very worth the price!

5 thoughts on “Miravile (ミラヴィル@駒場)

  1. シーさん、今日はとっても楽しく美味しく、素敵な時間が過ごせて嬉しかったです♪写真綺麗にとれてるね(^-^)盛付けが楽しめてよかったです。またランチオフ行こうね!

  2. the fish is kind of scary the way it stick out like that ^^;;
    It’s funny that the chef show off his paintings on the website. His style is so “french”!

  3. FOXEYさん>

    What, you think the fish is scary?? ^^;;;; It is beautifully presented ah~~The main dish and the dessert I chose tasted really good but looked normal, while my friends’ mains and desserts were much more beautiful~~

  4. yeah the fish looked so decorative and pretty, but I too find it a bit scary because there seems to be some sharp looking scale/pattern on its body ^^;;; Yeah the dessert seem a bit plain. The pork looked delicious~ I’m curious about the radish soup too *O* Oh you didn’t take pic of your friend’s dishes?

  5. Ahahaha, the fish bone was deep-fried and crispy so I could actually eat it. The chocolate was really really good – 100% cocoa, very smooth and rich.

    Nah, didn’t take my friends’ food – too many people and too much hassle and the food will get cold you know. ^^;;;

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