Monna Lisa (モナリザ)

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アミューズは揚げエビ。Fried prawn – very good.
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前菜は帆立貝のムースと蛤のクラムチャウダー風。 Scallop mousse in clam chowder.
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パセリで包まれた鹿肉 甘酸っぱいソース。
Vension with parsley – the meat is a bit dry.
霧島産豚ロースのステーキ スパイス風味。
Roasted pork with spice – had one bite, tasted very good. 
Monna Lisa

2 thoughts on “Monna Lisa (モナリザ)

  1. Massive update!! *O*
    I never had vension (deer?) before. Did you order it rare-medium rare? It looked like hamburg steak ^^;;; looked very good though, too bad it’s too dry.

  2. My two day itinerary –
    Day 1: Monna Lisa -> 2 people share 4 cakes in Orange -> snack and beer in Ebisu garden(hahaha!) -> Ramen 一風堂

    Day 2: FEU -> had 2 cakes in Chocolat Chaud(while everyone else had just 1….^^;;;;) -> grilled chicken dinner.

    I ate too much in just 2 days!!

    Yeah Venison is deer meat – I don’t think you order rare/medium in French restaurants??? That is American style maybe. ^^;;;; Venison can be very tender and nice, just not done well this time lor.

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