5 thoughts on “Chocolat Chaud(ショコラ・ショー)

  1. Outdoor cafe~~!!! Too bad it’s winter grass now ^^;;; Cheese cream one sounds good but I would have never thought of getting that (and passed all the fancy looking cakes)

  2. I checked the website, there are other ones that look good too! I wanna try ???????(????, ????!

  3. urgh the Japanese not showing up, it’s suppose to be
    “aburikotie” and “Shumine”.

  4. My friend ordered シュミネ, so I tried a little. And they didn’t have 杏の樹. I like cream cheese very much!

  5. See how I would miss out good dessert that I normally wouldn’t order. Like between a beautiful delicate looking cake and cream cheese…I would always go for the obvious choice. Well not we have much choice here ^^;;;

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