SaamRoa (サムロー)

0312 003.jpgエビレッドカレー、野菜イエローカレー、チキングリーンカレーのランチセット、1480円(土日祝)。
Red, yellow and green curries lunch set, tasted great but not hot(temperature-wise) enough. That plus a bad-tasting mango juice the bill was like 2000yen each….a bit expensive. Personal preference aside, I always think ethnic food in Japan is quite mediocre yet it can cost as much as French or Italian which, on the otherhand is generally good and thus more worth the money. btw, the Thai waitress in the restaurant was a little rude – never going back there again.

3 thoughts on “SaamRoa (サムロー)

  1. Seems like a fancy place according in the website. May be that’s why it’s overprice?

  2. Yeah the hp is so fancy but very hard to read…weekday lunch is less than 1000yen which is normal, but weekend lunch is more expensive.

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