5 thoughts on “仔羊料理赤丸ヂンギス (Akamaru-zingis)

  1. the place looks so interesting!! and the yaki shishito with sasuage looks really good!

  2. hey hey back from Seattle~~ awesome trip where I eat drink shop non stop all day. The place looked like a factory/lower level of an old submarine or castle something, CRAZY!!!

    AHHH LAMB heaven~~~ What are the difference between the 2 colors of sausages? What’s the two red dishes?

  3. Yeah with all those pipes they make the place looks industrial which is kinda cool!

  4. 美味しかったみたいね★

  5. FOXEYさん>

    Welcome back! Waiting for your report~~~
    Yeah, the place is actually on the ground floor, and there are tiny round windows that you can peep into, really like a submarine.

    I only had the lighter-coloured sausage, which was really good, probably some 内臓 I don’t know(The person in charge, who is from the ML, ordered everything). The two red dishes were spicy salad, and spicy soup with brown rice, both very spicy and good. Actually I was quite full from the meat but you do crave for carbohydrate after all that animal fat. ^^;;;

    It is funny that we all kinda gone wild and barbaric after a while and making noises like “Where is the winnnnnnnnne???!!!” or “More Meeeeeeeeat!!!”. Hahahaha~~~~^^;;

    We went to an Irish Pub afterwards and drank more beer and had fish and chips and beef stew….^^;;;;

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