Cheese Cake Factory

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0324 022.jpgヴィーナススプーン、500円。
Venus Spoon. I know, it is NOT that infamous US-based CCF. ^^;;

Springtime special cheese cake set, very good!! Left to right: Sakura cheese ice-cream, cream cheese puff, strawberry NY cheese cake.
Cheese Cake Factory

4 thoughts on “Cheese Cake Factory

  1. うわー、早速ビーナスフォートでおいしいもの食べてる!!!ケーキいいねー。今度、恵比寿のケーキ屋(yoroizukaだっけ?)も行こうね♪

  2. WHHATT! so this is not the same Cheese cake factory as the US ones right? You mean it just has same name?! Because they look really yummy~~~ it’ll be nice if US CCF offers that!

  3. Yeah, it is completely different shop from the CCF in US. It is a Japanese one with the same name that’s all. Actually I ended up not trying the CCF in LA so I don’t know how bad it is, the Japanese one is definitely good though.

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