3 thoughts on “今半万窯 (Imahan Banyoh)

  1. Wowwowo many of them looks soooo yummy!!! What’s in the 2nd pix?

  2. Do you bring your family to all these upscale Japanese cusine? They’re all like art, so beautifully decorated. The rice one looks good~

  3. The second one? It is sashimi. The fourth one is prawn in aubergine. Yeah, after the veggy dinner – they all got really hungry later at night ^^;;; – I took them to this good-quality beef shabu-shabu/sukiyaki/roast place for lunch the next day and this meal became the highlight of the trip. ^^;; My family all like beef! And this place serves really really soft and fatty and rich-tasting ones. I actually didn’t put up all the photos; we went crazy, we ordered 4 courses, and then asked for extra 4 portions…everyone was soooooooo stuffed after that!! The bill was over 40,000 yen, but my dad said for that quality it was actually cheap. Anyway, I was relieved they were happy about at least one meal. ^^;;;

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