DAL-MATTO (ダルマット)

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Large portion. Quality very good for the price. For 1500yen, wine is all-you-can-drink.

6 thoughts on “DAL-MATTO (ダルマット)

  1. My god it was so much food! Everything was included in the dinner course except the espresso. The two meat dishes were for share between 3 people but all the anti-pasta and pasta were for one person…I actually felt really stuffed and didn’t want dessert can you imagine?! ^^;;;; But too bad after dinner my friends and I went to a bar and had a drink and I completely forgot about the time – by the time we left for the train station, there were still trains for me to go home but my hall shuts its main gate at 12 midnight and I cannot go in anymore…so I ended up taking the train to my work place and that’s why I am uploading new entries at 2 in the morning….sleepy yo….

  2. ^^;;;;;;;; so you slept at the office? O.O Are there errr…other people staying up working or something? You’re all alone at the dark office, isn’t that scary? Curfew, another ma-fan thing for living at student hall.

    funny on the entry there’s “Delicious bread AGAIN”

  3. poor Seat ^^;; May be you should always have a pillow/blanket toothbrush and all that stuffs ready at your office or something, in case of incident like this.

  4. Yeah, there is sofa bed in my office so I could sleep…but of course not that comfortable la. And I could at least brush my teeth(yeah I have the essentials ready), do internet to waste time, which was much better than going to karaoke or manga cafe alone. Usually there will be people working late – those who live near school – but that day was Saturday night so there was no one on my floor at all. It wasn’t scary once I was in my office since I am rather used to it after a few staying-over-night before work deadlines, it was scarier walking from the station to my school, which was like 20 minutes walk inside the campus which was dark and eerie. 地鳥 is just chicken lor. ^^;;; Btw, the cold pasta is cherry pasta! The watermelon juice has salt in it, would have loved it without the salt though.

  5. 20 mins walking in the DARK!!?? O,O;;;; that’s scary~ Tokyo really is THAT safe? ^^;;; Are there scary looking people walking on street at night? Manga cafe opened all night? wow…

  6. That’s why when I told my friends what I did, they all said I should not have walked in the dark alone~~~Tokyo is not that safe anymore. Yeah manga/internet cafes are open 24 hours, so many people who miss their last train will sleep there while waiting for the first train in the morning. But I want the sofa bed in my office ma….and want to brush my teeth!! ^^;;; Will be more careful next time lor.

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