4 thoughts on “Baan Rim Pa (パーンリムパー)

  1. Cute lamp! YUm~ the dishes looked very down to earth, authentic and mom n’ pops feel~~

  2. oh…新大久保, I think that’s where we stayed at the first time we went to Japan ^^;;;

  3. Really?? Surely there are many asian living in 新大久保, especially Koreans. So funny when we walked to the restaurant, there were all these shops selling photos, posters of that famous Korean actor – ヨン様 Japanese call him…

  4. Yeah I heard the same thing, that lots of Asians live there (because it’s cheap?). Haha that guy, I asked my Korean friend and she said that guy is only popular among housewives and ma’ams, and he used to be no.1 gangster in Korean…^^;;

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