10 thoughts on “Mama Tarte (ママタルト)

  1. J> Yeah, I thought you might respond. ^^;;; Apparently this place opened 15 years ago!! And the menu never changed!! ^^;;;;

    F> The escargot pie was so good – really chunks of escargot inside.

  2. Wow really, well it is an unforgettable place! Love the interior so much. I remember it was chilling night when we were there haha.

  3. And I remember we were walking all day in the cold~~~and we refused to take the train and walked like hell to get to this place….^^;;;

  4. Yeah yeah I totally remember that day. It was sooo cold and windy, I forgot where we walk from though, was it that “white gold” rich ppl neighbourhood where we ate at a cake shop which has a cute little design boutique upstair (!!!).

  5. Wait, when we went to 白金台, you were wearing the purple one-piece you bought from second-hand shop……but my memory frame of you in Mama Tarte is not wearing purple….so maybe different day…..haha…..^^;;;;;;;;

  6. haha it’s funny that I still remember those days so well, ahhhh they’re such good happy memories ^_^, everytime I think about it I feel happy. I suddenly miss Japan and pigging out with you now hehe….

  7. Oh the few months when you were here in Japan, was the ONLY time during my long years stay in Japan that I don’t feel lonely and really look forward to weekends. So it happens this weekend I have no plans and feeling really so lonely that I actually rather come to work…how sad. You should try to get a job in Japan!! Bring Freda as well!! ^^;;;

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