Marguerite (創作フレンチ マルグリット)

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豚ロースのオーブン焼き、ブーランジェール風。オレンジレアチーズケーキ。1260円。Oh my god the food is so terrible and yet the menu is all these fancy French names….I should only stick to ramen and asian food in ikebukuro. A really strange guy was sitting next to me who kept making lots of noise and bizarre movements….-o-;;;

2 thoughts on “Marguerite (創作フレンチ マルグリット)

  1. scary~~ ^^;;;
    Too pretentious with french name, trying to cover up their bland/bad cooking…

  2. Yeah, or just French wanna-be. If the shop hadn’t called itself French but frankly 洋食屋, I wouldn’t have expected French and got so disappointed. But even for 洋食屋 standard this place is no good. Strange thing is, it was actually very full with customers! Two girls ordered 1800yen luxurious lunch….didn’t look good either.

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