5 thoughts on “つけ麺屋 やすべえ (Yasubee)

  1. I overeat this weekend too~~ soooo full (too much oily yakitori and chinese food in a roll).
    my lower stomach still have a bulge…jeans felt tighter…I felt I gained 5 pounds or something.

    The soup looked so oily hot~ great strain on stomach.
    Depends on what washoku, sushi diet maybe?

  2. wow the noodle seems really oily and heavy ^^;;;

    such pain for us, we love eating so much, yet need to control to not to over-eat…

  3. I had no appetit but if I didn’t eat something I might get hungry at work…then I would have nothing to eat. But it was definitely bad choice to have ramen…I thought つけ麺 would be better cos I don’t have to drink the soup….it is the same!! ^^;;;

    It is good to have a blog, because I tend to refrain myself from eating junk that is not worthy of pictures…if I am going to get fat, I want to get fat on delicious food. And when I am eating good food, especially with friends, I lose control completely. ^^;;;; But last night I skipped dinner, and this morning I just had a glass of juice, the bloated feeling kinda vanished, phew!

  4. it’s not your fault, seat

    it’s ikebukuro’s fault that the food is so oily!
    you have no other choice there……^_^;;

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