Sapporo Curry Yoshimi (札幌カリーYOSHIMI)

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0710 016.jpgラムと野菜のジンギスカンスープカレー、ハーフサラダ、あずきパフェ。
The lamb and the vegetables are really good but the soup curry itself is terrible. The soft ice-cream in the parfait is very watery and tasteless. Total 2300yen.

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Second time round, the soup is still so thin and tasteless(maybe it is meant to be like that…), but at least they have a cheaper 1000yen lunch including a mini soft cream. The ingredients are prawn, squid, mizuna and other grilled vegetables like pumpkin, aubergine, potato etc, which are good though.

2 thoughts on “Sapporo Curry Yoshimi (札幌カリーYOSHIMI)

  1. the salad kinda has a cheap cheap feel ^^;;; 2300 is a bit too expensive for such quality.

  2. Curry is 1200, salad 350, parfait 700. Well the veggy and the lamb are great so next time, if there is next time, should just order curry.

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