10 thoughts on “沖縄の台所 ぱいかじ

  1. it’s extreeeemly hot and humid these days!!
    I feel like I’m gonna melt!

    okinawan food seems like a good choice
    for hot weather ^0^

  2. Okinawa food is very chinese anyway – nearby location-wise ma.

    tomoko, you don’t use air-con? My air-con broke and it was so hot last night that I couldn’t even breathe – can’t open the window cos there will be insects which are even scarier. I am going to stay with Yuka tonight…maybe until my air-con is fixed. Over 30C tomorrow again!

  3. Gosh I can’t imagine no air-con in Japan. Tokyo’s summer is just way too hot. for some reason LA weather been very nice, not too hot, cool and breeze-y!

  4. Joan>
    Lucky you!! This morning was quite cool cos it rained, but it is getting hotter now again~~~hell~~~

    What?? Another 10kg?! So you have lost 20kg so far?!! That’s great!! \^o^/ I wanna see wanna see. Don’t you dare gain any weight until I have a look at you!! ^^;;;;

    Yeah, fan is useless. Hope my air-con gets fixed soon~~~

  5. I was dreading summer cuz there’s no AC at my parent’s house!!

    summer came too fast….

    so glad we got a little break from the heat today *whew* ’0`;;

  6. Oh no….but maybe your parent’s house is bigger/more open space/can open window -> less hot??

  7. how could your parents stand it? Perhaps try to convince your mom to install air-con~~~

    Tokyo outdoor is like sauna practically ^^;;;

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