9 thoughts on “moomin bakery & cafe (ムーミンベーカリー&カフェ)

  1. OH MY GOD!!!
    Is this Moomin cafe!?!!??!
    The Moomin from the Moomin books I read (that Finland Children’s books)? The eyes of the logo looks like Moomin eyes! And the Moomin characters from poster. Are the food Finland food (can’t load website XO )?

  2. wow you went to Moomin theme cafe? Freda was just reading those moomin books and was very into it~~

  3. You can’t see the homepage?? How about here and here? Otherwise there is a pic of another angle I took in the cafe: here. It is just a bakery so the food is just sandwich, soup, salad kinda cafe food I think. Yeah the fork is really cute! Too bad it is a bit out of focus! I should go there another time and try the lunch! Or they have “fruit pizza” and “pancake” which I want to try too~~~

  4. btw, the cafe is located underneath a roller-coaster inside a game park, so while you eat you can hear people screaming from above….^^;;;

  5. Oh now I can load…so cute!! The interior is so cute, just like a Moomin house. I’d love to come here (and buy the toys and products!) So you had lunch in a theme park?

  6. You only have to pay if you go on the rides; it is basically just a plaza and a shopping mall lo.

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