7 thoughts on “Namja Town (ナムコ・ナンジャタウン)

  1. so…it’s still there?!
    I left for nearly 1 yr…and it’s still there…

  2. What? The ice-cream city is new I thought? The theme park is always there lo.

  3. no it’s old…I’ve been there before I left…I like the Gyoza one though…

    ah…wanna eat Gyoza~~

  4. wow the lighting of this place make the photos look like they’re from the 70s! ^^;;;

    haha Inoka, aren’t gyoza better in TW?

  5. It’s good, doesnt mean I can eat…
    Still got 3days to go…I wanna eat lots things…(btw…that Beef Gyoza is quite good ma)

  6. It is really dark and yellowish inside the theme park!

    3 days to the end of the diet plan?? Be careful of “rebound”!

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