Cappadocia Tokyo (カッパドキア)

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0731 001.jpgラムのシチュー、バタライス、トルコ紅茶、セットで1200円。
Turkish lamb stew with butter rice. Not bad!
Cappadocia Tokyo

3 thoughts on “Cappadocia Tokyo (カッパドキア)

  1. The lamb stew is very nice, but there is toooo much butter rice and not enough stew to eat with…but I do want to go back and try their other menu!

  2. So cute~ log cabin interior~ Yeah seems like not much stew in the lamb stew ^^;; Wow their website is so elaborate (unlike the homely feel of the place)!

  3. Yeah, I was surprised by the homepage too. All the nice pictures flashing here and there, though a bit hard to read the text…

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