Olivier (オリヴィエ@学芸大学)

0803 026.jpg0803 030.jpg
From 2600yen lunch course. Sanma and aubergine terrine.
0803 033.jpg0803 037.jpg
Mushroom soup. Simmered pork belly.
0803 036.jpg0803 044.jpg
My friend’s fish course. Peach soup with fig ice-cream and citrus jelly.

3 thoughts on “Olivier (オリヴィエ@学芸大学)

  1. Apprentice chef from Culinary School? (a bit expensive for that) or just a restaurant inside a school? ^^;;; The dessert (esp. Jelly one) looks so good. Eggplant and fish terrine sounds good too!

  2. Oh C&P is Cost and Performance! Here they use it a lot to say a restaurant providing high quality food for a low price as having high C&P. Everything is very good in the restaurant! A perfect lunch!

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