ameen’s oven アミーンズオーブン(通販)

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ameen’s oven

9 thoughts on “ameen’s oven アミーンズオーブン(通販)

  1. *_* crazy~~ so many bread!!! Online shopping again~~ How many days would it take you to finish them? I notice most of them have nuts or fruits, there’s one plain one I think? What kind of bread you usually like (seems like you have all kinds for all combine and taste~ ^^;;;)? The Orange toast seems very good~~~

  2. I was quite shocked when the bread arrived in 2 boxes….you know when you order things on the internet, you lose control easily…especially when you have to pay the delivery fee , you tend to get everything all at once….the bill came up to 5000yen!! ^^;;;

    I definitely need more than a month to finish them! I will buy some fillings/veggy/pickles to make sandwiches, especially the plain one. Yeah mostly dried fruits and nuts – they last longer so are suitable for delivery. But I think I will stop online shopping for bread – you have more varieties to choose from the bakery shop, e.g. pastries, tarts, soft bread with fillings, sandwiches etc. Gosh, and it is so much effort to cut them into slices and take photos….too lazy to do that again…

    I like the dried toast(top right pic), which has honey and spice and coconut paste~~~nice snack! Also the tomato one(2nd row right pic), the bagels and the orange toast.

  3. Indeed, the bread are cut so perfectly, the pictures look very good though! 😀 Now to go with the bread, you need to buy some super good jam, cheese, spread…etc. to make them more worthwhile~ ^^;;

  4. seat
    I don’t blame you for being tired afterwards!
    I was wondering if the bread came pre-cut,
    there’s too many to cut one by one!

    did it all fit in your freezer? ^^;

  5. They barely fit my freezer!!
    You know my daily routine doesn’t give me much chance to eat at home at all. And I have no toaster in my office…but I think the bread can probably last around 2 months since I wrap them very carefully. ^^;;;

  6. I gave a bit of each kind to a friend who likes bread too, and since Sunday I have been eating bread for breakfast+lunch….for 4 consecutive days….and I have finished all the bread!!! I bought those “3xx yen for 100g” salad from the department store and some cheese and olives to make sandwich with the bread – it tasted soooooooo good!! But as a result haven’t been doing my usual lunch-time restaurant-hunting. Well, start tomorrow!!

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