11 thoughts on “讃岐将八うどん

  1. The tempura is freshy fried! That’s why it is so expensive. Cheaper menu are like 300yen~.

  2. hey hey, I don’t usually like tempura but I’m still drooling because we didn’t have ANY good food over the weekend -___-;;;; Our whole weekend is ALL GONE to the funeral thing and all we could eat is plain vegetarian food! I’m so craving for meat now…urgh urgh…
    Must have BIG meal this week~~~

  3. Yup Joan, I craved oily, greasy, fatty good!!!

    My art director who said he had no good meal in that JP trip, said the only great one he had was this famous Tempura place…very good tempura…but as good as it gets, it’s still just tempura…^^;;;

  4. hahaha joan and freda are you guys
    talking over this blog? ^0^
    did you guys have to help out a lot for the funeral?

  5. what kind of food did you have for vegetarian weekend? was it catered? I’m curious cuz I like vegetarian food ^_^

  6. Poor you guys~~~~
    Truly good tempura place is really expensive~~like over $100 per course~~~. Though I have only ever tried $50 tempura course, treated by my boss, and it was definitely different than cheap places and was not oily and very nice. Yet, if I had 50, I would rather go for French….

  7. crazy~~ $50 tempura is alreaady O.O!!!
    Some veggie food are actually quite good, but some are the ‘fake’ kind where there’s a lot of processed tofu/whatever thing attempt in imitating meat…they taste fun at first becaues it taste the meat, but after awhile it gets gross…errr….

  8. I know exactly what you mean~~~~I would rather have normal vegetarian dishes, than highly-processed veggy-imitating-meat which is the grossest thing ever AND definitely not healthy!!

  9. hahaha yeah it kinda seems funny they would imitate meat! I would think buddhist monks wouldn’t want to have meat in the first place ^o^;;

  10. They want meat but can’t have it – 口を戒めてるけど、心を戒めてない, something like that. ^^;;;;

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