6 thoughts on “うちたて屋 (Uchitateya)

  1. Gosh the udon was so thick so chewy that my jaw was tired and numb afterwards…^^;; Very good though!

  2. Long time no see, Seat!

    Why are you eating at Ikebukuro so often now? did you move there?


    a site for your interest, the traditional Guangzhou sytle congee on the boat is so tempting, but the model-host said the shrimp egg “rice fettuccini” (i mean the “hoh-fun” haha..) is the most impressive.

  3. Hey cara! How are you? Coming to Japan anytime soon?

    The link is TV program schedule?? What porridge??

    Yeah I moved to Ikebukuro(not exactly but a few stops away), so am exploring that area. So much cheaper than Ginza~~~~of course!

  4. the link is an food programme showing in TVB now, about the Guangdon old food in Hong Kong and Guangzhou. Kinda fun to watch, it’s a little differnt as the host is Au Yeung Ying Tsai who involves a great deal in culture, design, comic, etc, so not so much the eat&praise kind of stuff.

    so it’s your new apartment a nice one?

  5. Oh I saw the videos! All the restaurants are in Guangzhou! I want to try the last one: fish in bamboo! But the hosts….aren’t very good in commenting the food, don’t you think? ^^;;;

    I am going back to HK in NY. Take me to eat!!!!

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