7 thoughts on “ゆうcafe (You cafe)

  1. Got very very hungry by 6pm even though I had a big lunch…..so went to this place for dinner. Bad idea! The beef stew set is only 1000yen at lunch time, and it is the ONLY food menu in this cafe, yet at dinner time….the exact same beef stew becomes 1500yen, and it is weird and awkward not to order coffee, which is 500yen….total 2000yen….oh my god…

  2. hehe…silent pressure to order coffee ^^;;;; I mean you could attempt excuse “I’m too sensitive to caffeine, if I drink at night I won’t be able to sleep”…yeah long excuse but I do that sometimes. Especially when at French restaurant, whenever they asked if I want coffee or expresso. Though in LA it’s different coz the vibe here are informal and ‘customers are boss”…

  3. Seat you’re too self conscious!! don’t give in to pressure~~ you’re the free-will customer!

  4. hahahaha!
    sometimes when I have to to kill time
    at a “famiresu” I just want coffee,
    but I feel bad so I order cake or
    something. ^^;;

  5. I have become much more self-conscious or care too much about being polite and “proper” since I came to Japan~~~~Customers are boss here too! But somehow the mentality of the population is different, in the sense that Japanese mind too much about what other people think, while Americans probably don’t give a shit…

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