Osteria Cocogoloso (オステリア ココ・ゴローゾ)

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0901 013.jpgカツレツとパスタのランチセット、1800円。
Cutlet and pasta lunch. Good.

From a dinner visit.
自家製生ハムとイタリア産プロシュットの盛り合わせ トルタ・フリッタ添え。白アスパラガスとチーズの玄米リゾット。
Fritter with ham and sausage. Risotto with white asparagus and cheese. Risotto is fantastic.
南ティロル風 薮塚(群馬)の豚背肉ステーキ 瞬間熱燻仕上げ 自家発酵のサワークラウト添え。スフレのオムレツ、オレンジソース。
Pork steak. Simple but very delicious.
Souffle omelette with orange sauce and orange puree. Good too.

Osteria Cocogoloso
Add: B1 3-23-1, Hongo, Bunkyo-ku
Tel: 03-3818-3622

10 thoughts on “Osteria Cocogoloso (オステリア ココ・ゴローゾ)

  1. Yeah it is pork cutlet but you know, not the Japanese one…the flour and the way it was fried just different….Yeah choco cake and lemon mousse, very good!

  2. haha almost pork cutlet~~ I don’t mind this type of fried too. I like the Northern Chinese kind of fried pork too. The japanese cutlet kind are kinda ‘tasteless’ and hurt the root of your mouth…^^:;

  3. oh I know what youre talking about Freda!
    the kind they serve in US is too big and hard.
    it scrapes the inside of my mouth!

    if you eat maisen tonkatsu (sorry I keep talking about them ^^;), it literally MELTS in your mouth! ahhhh….. and their original sauce is so rich in flavor too, its shocking!

  4. Yeah! You are right, the Japanese one is lacking in salt and seasoning and rely too much on the sauce you put by yourself. I prefer previously flavoured cutlet that doesn’t need sauce – which always makes the nicely fried crispy skin soggy and you think what a waste!!

    Really, Maisen is that good?? Hmmm…..I should give it a try then! What is the Japanese name of the place?

  5. まい泉 青山本店 東京都渋谷区神宮前4-8-5  です!
    check it out!
    the interior is really cute too(rennovated 銭湯) (>∀<)!

  6. シーさん、「まい泉」は、この前一緒にヒナゲシさんとこ行ったときに前をとおって、ココのとんかつ有名なんだよ、て言ったとこだよ。ヒナゲシさんの店いくときに左側をみながら歩けばすぐわかるよ。

  7. tomoko>


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