Rue Favart (リュ・ファヴァー)

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Fig tart. Chestnut and berry and chocolate mousse.
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050913 056.jpg抹茶と黒豆と栗のタルト、ピスターシュと梨のタルトとアイスチャイ。
Matcha and black bean and chestnut tart. Pistachio and pear tart. Ice chai.

5 thoughts on “Rue Favart (リュ・ファヴァー)

  1. The place has such low ceiling, does it feel cramped? The first tart looks great, that’s that fruit call in English?

  2. The cafe has two floors, take-out at the ground floor, cafe 1st floor. Well, everywhere is cramped in Tokyo! So used to it already. The tart in the first picture is fig lor.

    The chai is a bit spicy but not too spicy. ^^;;;; It is nice yo.

    Gosh, I had the cakes right after the French lunch…stomach bursting again.

  3. haha my god the picture makes it look like bigger size Alice cramped into the small room.

    Didn’t you just had a fig dessert at that french lunch? ^^:; But I wouldn’t have resist that either…

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