7 thoughts on “PAUL@Pacific Century Place Marunouchi

  1. They have nice proper lunch from 11am but we were too early. They don’t do morning set so we only ordered take-out sandwiches and sweets~~~

  2. oh I went here w/my mom the other day cuz I remembered you recommended it.
    Everything was sooooo good!
    we also got the 1000yen bread set to go–
    it had a lot of stuff for 1000 ^-^

  3. Really? Which branch did you go? Did you eat in the cafe? My friend said PAUL in 北千住 is very お得!

  4. I went to the one near tokyo station.
    I think this is the one?
    we ate inside the cafe ^-^
    I had some sort of sandwich…very good!

  5. Oh, my friend said the sandwiches we had were smaller compared to the PAUL in 北千住(^^;;), you should try there too! Also, Maison Kayser(at 日本橋, walking distance from Tokyo station too) has nice lunch set(weekdays only) with bread お替りOK!

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