Maison Kayser (メゾンカイザー)

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左から右:☆デニッシュ オ マロン(洋酒の香りのきいたマロン風味のクリームに渋皮付の栗をのせた)☆シャテーヌ(渋皮付きの栗を練りこんだ)☆パン オ シードル(ブルターニュ産のそば粉のパンにシードル{リンゴ酒}とリンゴの果実を練りこんだ)
Danish aux marrons, Chataigne(marron), pain au cidre(apple wine and apple)
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1123 009.jpgキュルキュマ(ウコン)、なつめのパン、いちじくのパン、セーグルカレンズ、パン・ボジョレー(ソーセージ入り)

Maison Kayser

6 thoughts on “Maison Kayser (メゾンカイザー)

  1. why did you buy so many bread! ^^;;;
    They aren’t as good after frozen either…better to buy them fresh and then eat it.

  2. I understand…when you’re in a cute bakery assaulted by the smell and sight…and there’re these limited time only special new flavor ones…you felt oblige to grab them before you missed it and regret it rest of your life.

  3. Yeah, if the good bakeries were nearby, I of course would rather have it fresh, but they are usually at places that I don’t go often! Maison Kayser used to be convenient for me, but now I have moved, it becomes very far for me. So when I happen to be nearby, definitely want grab a few items…Well, frozen bread can be very good if you reheat them probably.

  4. うん、気付いたら、ほとんどフィグもの買ってました。

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