060125 020.jpgSpicy fried flat rice noodles, 900yen. It is late dinner….one of those days you know you shouldn’t cos it is late already, but you just can’t control…^^;; Lots of stuff in it, very spicy and very good!

051002 023.jpgグリーンカレー、1000円。 Green curry.

0603 001.jpgグリーンカレーリゾット、1000円。
Green curry risotto.The risotto is not really risotto, just Thai rice…so kinda Italian+Thai fusion…? Very good though!

0730 040.jpgトムヤムスパゲッティ、950円。
Tom Yum Kung spaghetti. I think risotto would be nicer to go with the Tom Yum Kung soup.

0826 019.jpg0826 028.jpg
Green curry fried rice. A bit soggy.

Ikebukuro branch is not very stable in its quality….really depends on what you order.

2 thoughts on “TINUN

  1. Late dinner. This is the branch whose quality fluctuates, so safe choice = green curry = never go wrong.

  2. yeah. A friend told me (that gourmet chef guy featured in my blog) that Thai cuisine is easiest to make, because it’s all about the sauce which most buy readymade in bottles. ^^;;

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