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051009 008.jpg丸駒温泉旅館

The first day was hotspring hotel, near a lake only an hour away by local bus from the Sapporo Chitose airport. The scenary was lovely, especially the lake view from the open-air hotspring. The dinner in the hotspring hotel was served in the room, but unfortunately the food was no good…err….I was expecting something delicous inside the hot plate but it turned out to be two sad pieces of hard and tasteless duck meat….err….

The grilled fish set was lunch in the little souvenir shopping street by the lake before we went to the hotel. That fish is the lake’s specialty – a smaller version of salmon apparently. Hmm….salmon is much better. ^^;;

4 thoughts on “HOKKAIDO DAY 1

  1. Awesome view…man~~~~ Wonderful vacation (it is for a conference though? with hotel like that…gosh). Are these in-room meal they brought to you?

  2. The friend I went with, could only go with me for that particular period of time, so I went a few days before the conference – she left halfway thru my trip.

  3. sorry for disappearing the past few days…the condo business is taking up most of my free time.

    So do you only stay in that hotspring hotel for one day? (must cost a lot huh~) What about other days?

  4. Yeah, I stayed in the hotspring only for the first day, it is about US$130 per person, including dinner and breakfast. Other days I stayed in Sapporo, and went to Otaru by train – not that far really, only 40 mins one way.

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