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051009 016.jpg近藤(札幌二条市場)

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The first two shops are inside a small fish market in town. The first one where we had uni and ikura rice bowl and grilled crab miso is supposed to have been introduced on TV and stuff, and the obasan there kept hard-selling us this expensive 2600yen uni rice bowl, claiming it to be good while we were actually planning to order the cheap 1500yen uni rice bowl. We trusted her and ordered the expensive one…gosh it was so bad!! The uni was so tasteless, one of the worst uni I have ever had. The crab miso was good, though it is not difficult to make it good I suppose. Then we went to a second shop in the same market, trying to redeem some faith in Hokkaido’s seafood quailty. We had scallop, crab and uni. The crab was very sweet very good, the uni was much much better than the uni we just had in the first shop, yet it was still not the sweetest creamy uni that I know of!! Especially I went to tsukiji 築地 fish market in Tokyo a while ago and the “Hokkaido uni” I had was sooooo good and I couldn’t help setting it as a “standard”. We were so shocked, I mean it is the first uni we have in this trip and it is so bad…maybe uni is not the right season? We were planning to travel in Sapporo on that day, but we were just too traumatized that we changed our plan and took a train that goes straight to Otaru 小樽, which is a lovely town with a canal and is famous for seafood. We had apple pie and ice-cream – Hokkaido is famous for its dairy products so soft ice-cream is supposed to be good, and it turned out to be super good! The seafood place we went in Otaru for dinner was very famous and recommended by friends, so if the uni is not good in this place, then it is not good anywhere. It turned out that….the shop was not selling uni AT ALL because it is the wrong season!!!! That’s the fact then. We went in the wrong time!!! Sigh!!!! As we were feeling very stupid for not properly researching before we came, the free appetizer came and it was that big plate of Sanma 秋刀魚!! One fish for each of us as well!! It was so juicy so nice. Then we ordered boiled crab with shell already peeled. It was very sweet and yummy~!! And as we were going to order salmon and ikura rice bowl, which the friend who recommended this place had ordered and looked very good, we saw the ojisan x2 and a obasan sitting next to us ordered a huge huge crab per person!!! I knew it was a bad idea cos me and my friend were already quite full, but oh fuck it, we just ordered one to share. That is the giant crab in the picture, it is really so shockingly huge!! We used scissor to cut it, which was kinda scary at first but there was so much meat inside that we were silently eating and eating and eating and by the “3rd leg”, we were both stuffed to our throats, and still there was the “body” we had to finish. ^^;;; God, I think I have eaten my share of crab for the rest of my life. ^^;;; Then we went back to Sapporo and went up to 38th floor of the JR train station tower for a panorama view of the city and had a cocktail there. An eventful day…

7 thoughts on “HOKKAIDO DAY 2

  1. お帰りなさ~い!!ブログアップはいつかと待ってましたよ~
    つきだしがサンマって~ すごいっ!
    実は私も明日、蟹が食べれそうな予感が~ ちょっと楽しみなんです^^

  2. やっこさん>

  3. 毎度の北海道出張から旦那くんが帰ってくるのです^^
    私の両親は毛蟹派です^^; 私はどちらでも~^^

  4. やっぱりおみやげですか、笑!!

  5. sooo..soo much jawdroppingly awesome seafood! The uni…the first few top pictures…*__*!!!! The crab…gosh looks so good so “eat all you want”! That euro building is so pretty~

  6. That looks like Europe or osmething!

    So the Uni aren not as good because it’s not the season?

  7. ouch…poor…hope that won’t haunt and spoil your taste for uni (like you’d always remember how bad it could be ^^;;). And you thought you’d have uni-trip~

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