051009 127.jpg札幌。
The Euro building is a former government building, now there is a little history info center inside. The white cream thing is cheese with blueberry sauce inside – Hokkaido is famous for its cheese products. It is not tissue paper but a piece of cloth to hold the cream cheese. Hokkaido is a great place to eat seafood I think. But as a friend was telling me, the overall difference in quality and price of seafood between Sapporo and Tokyo exists, but the difference is slight. Afterall it is not in Sapporo that you do the fish-catching. ^^;;; So to have truly fresh and cheap seafood, you need to go to the sea. That’s what I want to do next time I go to Hokkaido. Though you definitely need a car….and probably well research of the seasons beforehand.Anyway, this day my friend left, so I had the two cakes alone in my hotel….kinda sad.

051009 115.jpg味の三平

051009 122.jpg雪印バーラー

051009 136.jpg051009 133.jpg
051009 144.jpg051009 141.jpg
モン・ジェリ(Mont Jeli)

7 thoughts on “HOKKAIDO DAY 4

  1. What is that Euro building? soooo beautiful~
    Can’t make out what’s that white icecream thing? (it’s in tissue paper? ^^;;)
    So how’s the food scene compare to Tokyo? any special traits and differences?

  2. Yeah what’s that European looking building! Is there where you have conference at?

  3. How do you travel in Hokkaido? Do they have convinient bus and train system inside the city? So are the seafood cheaper than Tokyo?

  4. Traveling alone is always…alone…^^;; no one to share the joy of discovery or rant. That’s why when I couldn’t make up my mind about the Paris trip, Joan was like, “I don’t care I will go alone then!” HAH yeah right~~~ (but now with the new condo the trip has to be delayed)

  5. Oh no, my conference was held in a modern convention center. ^^;;;

    Oh there is subway in Sapporo – the city is actually very small! Sapporo to Otaru is by train. Otaru is even smaller that you can just walk. That’s the thing, Sapporo is slightly but not that much cheaper than Tokyo!

    Oh so the Paris is delayed? Lucky!(^^;;) Because I definitely can’t go this year – I have a deadline in Dec….after that I am going home from Dec 21 to Jan 10. More eating in HK!

  6. Alright then, now we know what’re one of the resoluation of 2007: Paris trip ^^:;

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