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051009 148.jpgスパゲティ&ピザ カラカラ(Caracalla)

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フランス菓子&珈琲 ププリエ(Peuplier)

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051009 168.jpgシオンハウス

051009 175.jpg051009 180.jpg
イレブンケーキーズ・チェリーメリー(Eleven Cake’s Cherry Merry)

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051009 199.jpg051009 218.jpg

051009 204.jpg051009 216.jpg051009 211.jpg
ピープルピープ(People Peape)

Today a friend who is a sweets-lover took me around…90% of the recommended places on her hand-drawn maps are cake shops or parfait shops!! The old building pic is taken inside University of Hokkaido – really beautiful place!! Must be stunning in winter covered in snow. Each of us had a chocolate cake in the shop very near to the university. Then my friend was just telling me this great chiffon place nearby but once I saw it I wanted to try – turned out it tasted fantastic in spite of its plain look! I am not a big fan of chiffon cake but I really thought it was one of best ones I have had. Then the third shop was caramel and nuts parfait, again one parfait per person! The beef and cheese curry was bad though – she had never been to that shop before but it is famous apparently so we decided to try. At least it was cheap. Then the last shop we went was parfait shop that opens only at night, and there is only one person making the parfaits, waiting customers, doing the bills and everything – super busy and therefore the parfaits came very slow. We didn’t mind of course. The parfaits don’t look good at all! But they taste good, especially the one heavy heavy with rum. It is amazing that I ate so much this day yet I was not suffereing so much from a bursting stomach, maybe because we walked a lot, chatted a lot, that burned calories I suppose. But the word “diabetes” did come across my mind…hahaha.

7 thoughts on “HOKKAIDO DAY 5

  1. My goodness…your friend’s hand written food guide are sooooo neat and well organize! Complete with color maps! Her hand writings are so cute~ This is one eventful day with so many cake and dessert!? ^^;;;

    Oyster spaghetti sounds totally delicious~~ XD There seems to be more cheese than curry in that curry. The French cafe is so cute~~

    The chiffon cake seems normal (rarely like chiffon cake) but it is what their specialize? Must be extraodrinary~~.

    That’s a lot of ‘cream’ for one day you know…crazy…^^;;;

  2. my gosh, your friend is a true food lover!! She should release a book~~ man…those little cute illustration, amazing!

    Wow that Peuplier cafe is sooooo cute! Yellow and pink, a combination that should be disasterous yet it looks so cute!

    so many desserts for a day ^^;;;

  3. hahaha sugar overdose! So any specialty food that’s winter season? It’d be great to be there in the snow, so much more magical feeling. The rum icecream do sound yum!

  4. A parfait shop that only open at night!! ^^:; That’s so interesting.
    How come they only open at night? don’t they get more business at day time too? Yeah doesn’t look too yummy from picture but that’s the surprise factor when you actually taste it.

  5. My friend and I were guessing that the chef/owner has a proper job during day time that’s why he can only open the shop at night??? Just guessing.

    Seafood is yummy in Autumn and Winter I suppose? There will be uni again soon~~~revenge!!

  6. haha like what I was told once, “we all have daytime job”, as if the restaurant were hobby and labor of love, I like that!!

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