051009 221.jpgカリー・サボイ(Curry Savoy)

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051009 232.jpg円山茶寮

051009 234.jpgホワイトコージ よつ葉
This day I was alone, also the next day. Soup curry originated in Hokkaido so of course I had to try! It has a huge piece of chicken and more chunks of potato, aubergine, mushroom in it, I was sooooooooo stuffed afterwards, that I even couldn’t eat dinner!! But what bugged me a lot was the 3 big flies that hovered around my seat. I sat at the counter so the chefs were right in front of me and one of them saw me dodging the flies and apologised….rather than apologies I wish he would just do some cleaning…One of the fly landed on the rice that was to be delivered to other customers who sat on the tables away from the kitchen, I thought I was going to say something but I knew it was useless cos the shop people knew the flies were there but just ignored them! I just couldn’t enjoy eating it when I had to dodge and chew and fend and chew, one of the flies landed on my chai tea…oh well. Though I was really full from the rather late lunch, I followed my sweet-loving friend’s recommendation and went to this old Japanese-styled cafe, which was so atmospheric, lots of loner customers reading and having the same strawberry sauce and read-bean with ice-cream. It is this day that I had nothing to do and went to see Charlie and Sin City. The coffee jelly parfait was the 1 hour break between the two movies. ^^;;

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  1. Wow cool photo, the one with coffee cup and stairs in background, great composition~~ The wafu (?) dessert looks so good! ;D More icecream haha (and curry!)

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