Brasserie de l’institut

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Pork fillet salad with Cassis sauce. Couscous Royale(chicken, lamb sausage).
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5 thoughts on “Brasserie de l’institut

  1. Wow so rare to see big green garden space in Tokyo!? Is it inside a park or? Couscous…err…^^;; The food seems a bit normal, yet the place seems so cozy and nice!

  2. The food was actually terrible! Though the restaurant is inside the Insitute of France, hence the nice garden, French waitors, and many “Frenchly-dressed” students as customers. Won’t go back again though!

  3. so french yet not good, duh~~
    may be you didn’t order the right stuffs? ^^:; (excuse excuse)

  4. Not cooking school I think, probably a school for learning French language and culture. Homepage is here.

    Hmm…but foodwise really no intention to try again…

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