Le Souffle (ル・スフレ)

051123 042.jpgショコラ フランボアーズ、1800円。
Chocolate and raspberry souffle.

060404 046.jpgCream cheese souffle.

051023 022.jpg051023 025.jpg

051023 028.jpgアーモンドとアマレート酒のスフレ、1000円。ガトーマロン。
Almond and Amaretto souffle. Gateau Marron.

3 thoughts on “Le Souffle (ル・スフレ)

  1. So you eat the top shouffle-ish top left cake with the alcohol sauce on the right? How interesting! Without the sauce it’d looked like some ordinary cheesecake? What’re those white mochi-like thing in the sauce? The Marron cheesecake looks sooooo good!!!

  2. The Souffle is hot and freshly baked – 15
    minutes wait after you order. You open a hole on the Souffle and pour all the sauce inside and eat them together. The white thing is cream drowned in alcohol. It is just perfect!! I can eat 3 in one go cos it is so fluffy….^^;;;

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