chez tomo (シェ・トモ)

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We had booked in advance but when we arrived, there was a big group of people already seated before us and we were squeezed to the corner with very little space, which we actually didn’t mind at all. But the waitor was nice and apologised to us and gave us the aperitifs for free! Then the appetizer came and it was quite good but very small~~. Started thinking, “Oh no, it is one of those restaurants that you are still hungry after a full course.” I was very hungry. ^^;;; And then a salad came, which was boiled and grilled vegetables of many different kinds and they were very fresh and yummy! And a big plate as well! And then the main dish….which was like this ONE small piece of pure fat! The pork was confit(salted and fried) so it was already quite salty, yet it was drowned in beans and red wine sauce which made it even heavier. Probably one of the worst main dish I have had recently. But the dessert came and it was a big plate and the caramel ice-cream was really really good. So, it is one strange meal with each course fluctuating in quality…
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chez tomo

3 thoughts on “chez tomo (シェ・トモ)

  1. so the foie gras is the free appetizer? wow!
    the desert does look huge, definitely can fill you up ^^;;
    it is a popular famous place?

  2. Oh no, the drink before meal is free, not the appetizer. It sure was packed for Sunday lunch!!

  3. The veggie plate and dessert platter are so nice! indeed, the entree is like bite size! O,o

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