Trente Trois (トラント・トワ33)

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6 thoughts on “Trente Trois (トラント・トワ33)

  1. Nothing shockingly-bad though nothing exceptionally good. The white chocolate mousse is quite nice.

  2. The appertizer looks interesting though~ The entree is like…one chicken leg!?
    I usually avoid “chicken” as entree, maybe I’m spoiled by US’s flavorless bland hormoned chicken (= can’t be that good)…^^;;;

  3. hey I notice you open new categories! Haha must be a pain to go thru all the entries~ You should def. seperate “bread” and “cake” (it’s over 100 hundred entries, try using “Open power-editing mode” so you can mass-edit them all at once).

  4. I usually don’t order chicken but it was either chicken or fish, other options have plus charge!

    I should definitely separate cake and bread but it is over 100 entries…what a nightmare…I will try that power edit!
    Hey, how about a “my best restaurants” list in your blog too?

  5. Yeah power edit will make things so much easier, so just add an entry “cake” and rename your old one to bread only. Click the “power edit” and just change all the cake one to the new cateogry all in one page. Rebuilt everything at the end.

    I just added “my favorite food entries” too, haha~~ You were much more selective for your “yummy” than me. ^^;;

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