L’Abondance (ラボンダンス)

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051101 019.jpg前菜: キノコのガレット仕立て、ポルチーニ茸のクリームソース。主菜: 骨付き仔羊のロースト、タイム風味。デザートの盛り合わせ: アイスは洋梨とカシス味。
A bit on the salty side.

4 thoughts on “L’Abondance (ラボンダンス)

  1. Everything was very salty – wine definitely needed but I didn’t order. Found a small hair in the dessert plate…kept quiet and ate the desserts anyway. Found dirt in the milk….kept quiet and just drank black coffee. ^^;; The standard lunch course was 2400yen but the main dish options were fish, chicken or plain beef steak with mustard….didn’t want any of them. So chose the option of roasted lamb, with an extra charge of 1000yen. Plus service charge and tax, it came up to 4000yen….damn….

  2. haha so negative! but the food looks good from the pictures (so deceiving). You always spot dirt in your food, if it’s me I would just swallow them without noticing.

  3. Cheese tart is part of the appertizer too (or was it meant for go with wine)? From pic they all look very yummy…but what an expensive lunch!!!

  4. The food is actually not bad! Except the saltiness, and the stiff price.

    My spotting dirt in food is a curse!! I would be a happier person if I weren’t so paranoid!!

    Yeah the cheese tart is a one-bite snack before appetizer, it is very very small – picture is deceiving again.

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