creek@Machiya (クリーク@町屋)

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This is definitely one of the best meals I have had recently!
Fruity easy-to-drink Belgum beer. Liver pate(smooth and sweet), mushroom and escargot(amazingly yummy butter and garlic sauce), veggy with avocado and egg(nice anchovy cream sauce), tomato and veggy pizza with chestnuts(thin type pizza, v. gd!), gnocchi with gorgonzola cheese sauce(chewy and elastic gnocchi!), sea urchin pasta, roasted chicken(really juicy!), chestnut risotto(can die for!), and all the desserts probably look normal but they are amazingly good! And each person only pays 4700yen – too good to be true~ The location is not so convenient but definitely worth the trip.
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温野菜とアボガドと自家製燻製卵のサラダ アンチョビバターソース。
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Add: 8F, 7-22-6 Arakawa, Arakawa-ku
Tel: 03-3801-2782

9 thoughts on “creek@Machiya (クリーク@町屋)

  1. 気に入ってもらえたみたいでヨカッタ!


  2. ヒナゲシさん>

  3. when your category has YUMMY, does that mean it was really good?
    wow I’ve never had chestnut pizza, sounds so good!

  4. when your category has YUMMY, does that mean it was really good?
    wow I’ve never had chestnut pizza, sounds so good!

  5. wow amazing epic entry!!! Looks like a very good and fun party/sharing place~
    Chestnut pizza *O*!!! Chestnut risotto!!!! *O*
    Gosh where can I ever get to eat something like this!?! They sounded too good!
    Everything looks so tempting~~
    Looking at these picture just reminds me of the poor man meal I’ve been having T_T.

  6. tomoko, I put all my favourites in YUMMY~~
    But there is no clear-cut criteria…only that I really enjoyed and clearly remembered that meal – food of course, service, atmosphere, friends, my mood on that day…^^;;;

    Freda, the restaurants you go in LA are really yummy-looking too~~~!!! Though you get to eat better food if you go for dinner(more $$$ though) with more people!

  7. Here they never be creative (or asian) enough to use “chestnut” in Italian cooking -_-

    I put my “yummy” entries based on the exp and food and my mood that day too. Could be a repeated place, sometimes when I go back to the same place that made in my “favorite food entry”, they don’t taste as good…haha so it’s really depends~

  8. yeah I think the experience is important too when comes to whether a place is memorable/repeat going worthy.

  9. Exactly, a place could be fantastic in the first time but bad in the second…but oh well, we shouldn’t worry about giving false recommendations(^^;;) – after all it is just a blog/diary!

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