Cafe Pause (カフェポーズ)

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日替わりのランチ:豚バラ エスニック、クスクス添え。サラダとコーヒーついて、1000円。
Pork belly with couscous.
Cafe Pause

5 thoughts on “Cafe Pause (カフェポーズ)

  1. the cafe seems like a nice place to hang out ^0^/
    I like the toys they have and the books!

  2. Yeah, a nice place to hang out with friends, but also good to spend time doing stuff alone. I sat at the counter table near the window which is normal height – yeah low coffee table is too hard to eat in. A young guy, dressed very trendy and sitting a seat away from me was writing music on a score paper~~~~!! And a girl sitting on the other side was doing homework…all students!

  3. I love places like this, feel so literary and cultural ^^;;;
    I once read a column that said HK has no cafe culture at all, because the land is too $$$ and no way HK business will let customer sit there all day…HK is all about efficiency, drink, get up and leave. Hence no “writing poem/novel/song inside cafe” type of culture will ever flourish there..^^;;;

  4. Also there far less students/part-time workers/unemployed(^^;) in HK I think…there is simply no demand for cafes….well HK is a tiny place compared to Tokyo.

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