La Pitchouli de Loulou(ラ・ピッチョリー・ド・ルル)

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The food is great! The taste is heavy but it is very cold outside, and rich-tasting meat dishes go with wine. The waitors are all smiley and friendly. 2 of us shared all the food, 2 glasses of wine each, and coffee at the end too. We were really stuffed.
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Sausages as amuse. Organic vegetables.
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Boudin Noir – pig blood sausages. Foie gras and shiitake mushroom terrine.
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Coq au vin: Chicken in red wine stew. Grilled pork shoulder meat.
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Crepe Suzette and apple tart.
La Pitchouli de Loulou

7 thoughts on “La Pitchouli de Loulou(ラ・ピッチョリー・ド・ルル)

  1. Lunch at the Italian restaurant in the previous entry -> watched King Kong -> dinner at this place. The food was great! The taste is heavy but it is very cold outside, and rich-tasting meat dishes go with wine. The waitors are all smiley and friendly. 2 of us shared all the food…and 2 glasses of wine each…and coffee at the end too…we were really stuffed. ^^;;;
    Anyway, King Kong was fun! Can you believe? It is 3 hour long!! It is such a simple story and really very few dialogues that you can imagine there is a lot of fighting with beasty creatures and CG action and all that. I found some parts very odd…the main actress’ acting terrible…the film could have been shorter…and Adrian Brody is cute to look at but his role is so 1-D…but overall it is a good entertainment film. Oh but monkeys and dinosaurs are just way too far apart in the evolution history that seeing them wrestling together is just….weird! Okay it is a fantasy film…^^;;;

  2. The big black sausage is scary looking ^^:;;;; The foie gras is so colorful.

    We saw King Kong too~~ haha the logic of ape vs dinosaurs were in the original story written back when human had limited knowledge of evolution ^^;;;I mean if I were the T.Rex I would have gang up trying to eat King Kong or instead getting all work up to fight for such a tiny bitzy snack (=the girl). But hey it’s just fantasy ^^;; I enjoyed most of it but the more I think of it the lesser I like it. I think it might have been due to the overhyped by critics and my skyhigh expectation for PJ ^^;; King Kong vs the 3 T.Rex scenes are the best, so amazing! The stempedes scene was my least favorite, the compositing was done pretty badly and overlong and it just went beyond the realm of suspension of beliefs to enjoy. The bug part is just too gross and pointless +,+;;; I find the film was too long, especially when a lot of built up for the subplots just simply vanished later (Jamie Bell just disappeared despite all the parts about him earlier ^^;;;). I think that if I have the DVD and watch each sequence individually (especially just King Kong’s action scenes in the island) it’d have been better. I like Naomi Watts though, I thought she has a strong leading and pure presence (but all the teary, eye-starring with King Kong was getting tiring by the end ^^;;;). Jack Black’s chara is just too 1D and I felt PJ was pounding sympathy on King Kong by makng the humans so ridiculously 1D EVIL~ Jack Black so NOT deserve to say the last line “Beauty kills the beast”, it was totally his greed that kills the beast. And I actually find the ending less powerful for KK now because he’s no longer dying for an unrequited love (he died knowing he’s loved and won the girl’s heart forever~). I think it’s not the ‘classic’ the critics all hailed it to be, it’s definitely an entertaining blockbuster.

    Oh did you notice the captain of the boat is the handsome Nazi officer in Pianist? There’s a ‘reference’ to Pianist too. When Adrian Brody opened the cell and a bottle of drug roll out, the captain step on it and camera pan up to his face…just like the scene how they met in the Pianist (someone(s) in casting must be a huge fan of that movie and the two of them. ^^;;)

  3. The sausage tasted like liver actually – very good!

    Exactly! I had so much expectation for PJ, especially in building up the characters, that the 1D-ness(even the main characters!) was a bit disappointing. Yeah I was expecting some revelation about “Jamie” that never came!! I mean the building-up part before they actually got to the island is very long – all the life-is-shit background on Jack Black and the girl, and the tension and mystery hinted when they were on the ship. Yet after all that, the characters were still not that developed that I don’t see the point of dragging it for so long. The stampede scene was unbelievably ridiculous I agree! Also how the guys, and also the girl when she was alone, escaped from all that forest hazards, was just not convincing at all – the “by lucky chance” was used way too abusively. Like how they can always find each other so damn easily, as if the island were Disneyworld and they had a fully illustrated map of all the sites. ^^;;; Also, don’t you feel kinda sorry when the girl is having romantic moments with KK and yet all the guys were dying horrible deaths searching for her? And don’t you feel even more annoyed with her crying “Oh~~don’t kill him(KK)~~~” when KK was killing all those guys in front of her?? The part with the tribe people reminds me so much of LotR – the gate, the savage makeups, the flashing camera moves…^^;; The scene in NY is not so exotic, hence bland in comparison, but I like the ice-skating scene, very romantic… ^^;;;; Just that the girl never flinched for a second from the cold of NY winter…considering she was all bare arms and bare legs. My friend who watched with me said the breath from KK kept her warm…haha…^^;;; Okay enough complaining. I actually enjoyed it.

  4. Yeah it was disappointing but I think it’s definitely to watch at the theatre! I invited RP to go see it with us but she refused to ^^;;; The whole T-Rex part is just breathtaking, I wanna see that part again and again ^^;; Grace had sharp eye to recognized instantly that the captain is the Nazi from The Pianist~~ I can’t even tell…

  5. yeah when weather gets cold, you just feel like eating lots of meat and heavy stuffs! So gotta excersize harder as well~~

  6. Oh yeah! Forgot to say, I didn’t notice the captain was the Nazi from The Pianist!! But I did think that he was unusually good-looking for a side character. ^^;;

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