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Cheese puff.
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Glass wine is very expensive…
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Terrine of venison and duck foie gras with marinated mushrooms.
Braised Wagyu beef shoulder with red wine and steamed carrot.
Both are very good!
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Vanilla and chocolate mousse. Chocolate and Raspberry Tart with caramelized pistachio and cocoa sorbet. The desserts are a bit normal. Lunch plus a glass of wine costs about HK$700.
デザート: チョコレートとフランボワーズのタルト。
Four Seasons Hotel

3 thoughts on “Caprice

  1. The wine was a bad idea…but I only ordered house wine in a glass, and when I went to “Amber” in the other hotel, each glass wine was 1000yen only, so I thought it would be about the same. This time the waitor recommended 2 kinds of house wine and we chose the full-bodied one without asking the price…we just couldn’t bring ourselves to ask…you know…^^;;; But I think they should never suggest any house wine that is 3000yen per glass!! It is lunch and it is HK, and we are obviously not the stinking rich type of customers. ^^;;;
    Actually I will be going to this restaurant again with another friend…^^;; But this time I will know its price and be careful.

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