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Harvey Nicholas’ 4th floor cafe. Afternoon tea set for 2. The coffee is nice.
HARVEY NICHOLASの4階にあるカフェ。2人前のアフタヌーンティーセットは4000円ぐらい。

6 thoughts on “FOURTH FLOOR

  1. Looks like bar from Blade Runner, very cool! What is Harvey Nicholas?
    The pastries themselves looks plain though, but I guess it’s quantity they offer?

  2. Yeah the pastry is a bit generic….choco roll cake and strawberry shortcake…but they look good presented like that with the other stuffs! What’s that in the crispy cup thing?

  3. Oh no! I just assume everyone knows Harvey Nicholas….like Harrods. ^^;; It is a really expensive designer department stores….I thought it was international…wait, I think those girls in Sex and the City were shopping there. ^^;;;;

    English afternoon tea set is always very bland, just some scones, fruits tarts and sponge cakes, but usually not cheap. In HK many expensive hotels offer this kinda English tea set. You just don’t go there for taste or value I guess, but to enjoy the atmosphere and environment….

    The cup thing is chicken and mushroom in cream sauce! The picture is a set for 2 so a bit crowded.

  4. oh oh..^^;; I don’t think there’s Harvey Nicols in LA so I don’t know, I dont’ think there’s one in NY too!?
    I still don’t undersatnd the allures of scones, I don’t find them go well particularly with tea too (macarons are better)

  5. oh I love scones!
    was addicted to them during school
    but they are fattening. so I quit. -o-;

  6. Scones are nice if they are fresh and warmed up before serving with jam and cream….well at least they are not as fattening as donuts??

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