Cafe des Artistes

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Orange liqueur souffle and Pistachio souffle. So-so.
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Cafe des Artistes

5 thoughts on “Cafe des Artistes

  1. the plate presentatin and twirl decoration are quite messy looking (tries too hard) ^^;; Why weere you nervous eating?

  2. Still when it came, I kinda went “wowowowow” because of the decoration, but yeah, on second look it is really messy. ^^;;; Oh I went there for cake and coffee with ah-bing, but they don’t have coffee hour and before we even opened the menu, the waitor urged us, “It is last order for lunch and the kitchen is closing, can you order like NOW?” ^^;;; And while we ate, the waitors were cleaning and tidying the place and the waitors were changing back to their own clothes, ready to leave….hence the rush. ^^;;

  3. I had that experience before. I sat down, the waitress tells me, “our kitchen is closing in 5 mins”…so urge me to order immediately so they will cook it within 5 mins. So nerve wracking and tingling of guilt lingers. I ate so fast that I finished before some people who came before me.

  4. Yeah, hate rushing the meal, but then they should have told me they were closing soon BEFORE I sat down, so that I could go somewhere else!

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