Mardi Gras

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060121 014.jpgThis place is again very popular and very hard to book – somehow I always go to this kind of restaurants. ^^; The most tempting thing that I read about this place is that the food is supposed to be very “macho”, mostly meat and large portions and great values. Some gourmet review called it “guys’ french”. The chef said something like, “I have no interest in anything other than meat”. So I was really keeping my expectations up….
Foccacia and tortilla. The foccacia was a bit too oily but quite nice. The Spanish omelette was served warm, very good too. Look at the big plate of stuff for 4, before we even ordered anything. “Let’s not order too much otherwise we won’t be able to finish”, “2 appetizers and 2 main dishes would be enough”, were what we thought. But then the first appetizer came….Coriander salad. My god it is so small!! It is quite nice but 1370 yen is not so worth it. Then the second appetizer came….Fried Trippa. It is not bad but very oily and the portion is so small again.

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We chose roasted lamb and roasted pork to share. By that time we were giving up on the portion side, so when the main dishes came, which were not as big as we would like, we just tried to enjoy our share from each plate. The quality of meat was fanastic, no doubt of that, but each main dish costs over 3000 yen….and the one little piece doesn’t make an impression on me no matter how good it is. ^^;;

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I was not full at all!! But we ordered 2 more rounds of foccacia, which was oily and filling. For desserts we ordered 2 Mascarbone cheese and Grand Marnier and coffee parfaits and 2 banana and raisins tarts. I had the parfait which was really nice, also small. We had a drink each and it came to 5600 yen per person – not a very good deal I think. But the taste was good, and I had a good time so, oh well.

4 thoughts on “Mardi Gras

  1. Yeah surprisingly not very ‘meaty’ and loaded from a self proclaim “macho french” place ^^;;. I was more overwhelmed by that other Ginza place. The appertizer are so girly size. though the main dishes are not meant to split by 4 people right. even so I think for one person that lamb is not enough!

  2. I wanted to order more main dishes! But then it already came up to more than 5000yen, if we had one main dish for each person, the total would be too expensive and totally not worth it. But I was very very hungry that night…just had some plain porridge to endure all day and was really looking forward to dinner….argh…ToT

  3. I love coriander (its the same as パクチー or cilantro, right?)but 1300 for its salad??
    wow…. ^^;; I used to get loads of them from the supermarket in the US for so cheap!!
    what is the dressing like?

  4. Yeah it is just ordinary パクチー…^^;;
    The dressing was…パルサミコ and…forgot the other one…

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