Restaurant hAru(ハル)

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Seafood including prawn, shellfish, scallop, sea urchin and oysters, with consomme jelly and carrot mousse. So good! The scallop is super sweet.
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Pan-fried foie gras, with truffle and spring onion. Foie gras very rich-tasting and cooked just right.
“Ezo” venison, black pepper sauce. I always get venison whenever it is available somehow, even though the portion is always so much smaller than say pork or beef, which my friend got and couldn’t finish cos they were too big portion! ^^; But the venison here is very soft, but fried crispy outside.
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紫イモのモンブラン 紅茶のアイスクリーム添え、1200円。
洋梨のジュレとムースのパルフェ仕立て 牛乳のソルベと御一緒に、1000円。
I had the taro Mont Blanc, with tea ice-cream. My friend had pear jelly and pear mousse parfait with milk sorbet. Both are very good.
Overall very good, the waitor and the waitress were super friendly, which really makes a difference. The only weak point is the bread, which is a bit hard and tasteless. So I ended up not eating much bread and didn’t feel as full as I should have. One glass of wine and a coffee, it came up to 11000yen, quite luxurious. ^^;; Oh the restaurant is owned by Rakuten’s boss’ wife, and by chance the boss and his wife and their kid were all there when we went. I didn’t know them of course but my friend got quite excited. ^^;;
Restaurant hAru

4 thoughts on “Restaurant hAru(ハル)

  1. $_$;;;; is it becoz of the wine…? your long waited big fancy luxurious French course~~~
    Gosh the foie gras looks so big and rich and nice (the sides are very tempting too). From photo, the venison seems same size as foie gras ^^;;; I wouldn’t be able to choose between the two dessert…probably pear one because I’m such a sucker for pear-anything.

    Rakuten is..? (the web Rakuten?)

  2. Actually I didn’t realise it was so expensive when I ordered…it was a la carte and not a set course, so I just chose 1 cold appetizer, 1 warm appetizer, 1 main dish, 1 dessert and 1 alcohol drink(about 1000yen)…suddenly it was over 10000yen. I should have looked more carefully at the price and do some math next time. ^^;;;
    Yeah it is the web Rakuten, internet shopping and everything. The boss is stinking rich apparently…I saw his two bodyguards and driver…

  3. The appetizers are worth it~~ The dessert are a bit overprice. 11000 yen for 2 people or 1? if 2 then it’s not bad at all.

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