FORTNUM & MASON@Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi (フォートナム・アンド・メイソン@日本橋三越)

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060211 192.jpgAfternoon tea set! The sandwiches, the scones, the cakes, and of course the Assam tea are all very good. Usually afternoon tea is not about the taste but the moment of feeling like a rich madam, but here the food actually tastes nice, wow! ^^;; We ordered 3 afternoon sets and we got to choose 6 different cakes and the scones came in different flavours too!

6 thoughts on “FORTNUM & MASON@Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi (フォートナム・アンド・メイソン@日本橋三越)

  1. haha yeah, with those 3 layers shelf and fancy old English style teapot, it does make you feel kind of like rich madam. It’s good that it comes with so many cakes~~

  2. So true that afternoon tea is sometimes more about the luxurious relaxation, the vibe and the company you went with. I got these afternoon tea book in Japanese recently, such a ‘knowledge’ and so much effort in preparing it…and it’s not the tea. There’re all these pastries to bake, flower to set, music to select…etc. to get the full experience. ^^;;

  3. The set was 2500yen for one person, so I guess standard of taste lower than this will make me grunt a bit. ^^;;

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