Lilla Dalarna(リラ・ダーラナ)

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Sweden cuisine! But the Framboise alcohol drink turned out to be from Belgium! ^^;; The assorted marinated fish appetizer was very very good, salty and sour and somehow makes you feel “Ah~~very Scandinavian” although I have never been there before. ^^;;
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Chicken salad.
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Beef tomato stew. Hmm?? Hmm?? Can’t tell the difference from Japanese “western food”. ^^;; Oh but the pasta-thing on the side was very chewy so nice~~! Definitely the highlight of this meal for me. Potato gratin was quite good too.

060211 135.jpgSugar-coated chocolate mousse. Very very sweet, couldn’t finish even it was so small.
Lilla Dalarna

3 thoughts on “Lilla Dalarna(リラ・ダーラナ)

  1. haha what exactly make something taste “scandanvian”? The only Swedish food I know is Swedish meatballs from Ikea ^^;; The little dog cookie on top of the chocolate is so cute! Those colorful sugar made it looks “cheap” though.

  2. What is the little horse next to the wine for? I think it’s the cracker at the fish dish that made it so scandanvian.? ^^;; (you can buy those at Ikea) Gratin = yum!

  3. The sour and salty cold fish gives a Scandinavian impression…but I think that could be German or Russian too…okay, I admit I know shit about Swedish food culture! ^^;;
    The horse is just decoration on the table – swedish apparently! The interior of the restaurant is very cute, too bad my seat was difficult to take pictures of the place.

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