Trattoria Una Volta

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060305 080.jpgゴルゴンゾラチーズリゾット。Appetizer: chicken salad, marinated shellfish and pumpkin. Gorgonzola cheese risotto. Pasta lunch set is 1470yen. The restaurant is a bit far from the Ikebukuro train station, yet the price for a weekday lunch is not cheap. Especially when the quality is not that great and the portion is tiny. Fortunately the homemade bread was warm and good, I had two and my stomach was half-filled.

3 thoughts on “Trattoria Una Volta

  1. I was having stomach flu for the past few days. I felt like throwing up or having diahrrea the whole time, I lost my appetite and anything I eat will just come out. -__-;;; it was so miserable! I couldn’t bear looking at food pictures at all ^^;;;

  2. Oh poor Joan~~~!! I have had that experience many times! I know the pain~~~~
    Just eat plain rice porridge everything!
    Good thing is you will definitely lose weight. ^^;;;

  3. But even though the portion is smalll, *gorgonzola* is the heaviest cheese there is haha~~ plus it being risotto

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